Walkers Salt & Vinegar

‘As always, the crisp depends on its context.’ Clapham Common on a Saturday afternoon: the only day of the footballing … More

Just Snax Tortilla Chips

‘On the football pitch, it would play CDM. A selfless player, this crisp tidies up at the back and rarely gets on the scoresheet.’

Curly Peanut Classic

‘The crisp has pluck, but the Ventrilocrisp can spot a mid-range peanut crisp from 100 paces.’ The Ventrilocrisp is a … More

Calbee Pizza Crisps

‘It evokes a grotesque fascination, in the same way as when having stepped in dog poo, one might seek out … More

Cheetos Twisted Flamin’ Hot

‘The packet promises tightly-spun, 3-4 coiled spirals: the prom queen’s glossy ringlets. Chance would be a fine thing!’ The Ventrilocrisp … More